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IMCD’s Technical Director discusses the need for flexibility in paints and construction materials processes and how Alchemy meets his requirements.
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Catalysts and Specialty Additives
Borchers links formulation development in their global labs to commercial success in the field using Alchemy
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Origin by Ocean leverages Alchemy to develop core biorefining technology to extract value from marine biomass like blue-green algae and bladderwrack
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High-performance coatings
Specializes in high-performance coatings formulations that extend the service life of their customers’ products
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Vibrantz accelerates time to market and responds to customers technical service requests faster with Alchemy
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DCL runs a digital lab and shortens Technical Service and Quality Control cycles
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Industrial Chemicals
Hauthaway uses Alchemy to measure and improve their chemistry innovation process
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Chemstar accelerates new product development with data-driven project scoring in Alchemy
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Circle-Prosco, Inc. uses Alchemy to streamline its sales and custom formulation processes while complying with automotive quality certification IATF 16949/2016
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"Alchemy provides so much more than our old Biovia and Sharepoint systems. Alchemy makes it easy to track work across our core processes, so we can shorten individual steps and accelerate our time to market.”
– Jerry Powers, Technical Director, Vibrantz
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