Origin by Ocean case study

Origin By Ocean Stands Up New Biorefinery Lab With Alchemy’s Formulating ELN Solution

What if you could build a brand-new lab and get everything set up right from the beginning? Well, that’s exactly the opportunity Origin by Ocean had in September 2020, and organic chemist Dr. Mari Granström knew exactly what she wanted. After years working as a research scientist at BASF and R&D Director at Stora Enso, Dr. Granström knew how important it was to have a formulating ELN integrated with LIMS to ensure all their detailed R&D data is captured digitally, reusable, and AI-ready from day one.

Origin by Ocean is developing the core biorefining technology to extract value from marine biomass like blue-green algae and bladderwrack. They are using this technology to produce biologically sustainable products and ingredients for food, beverage, cosmetics, and pharma.

As Chief Science Activist and Co-founder of Origin by Ocean, Dr. Granström had heard about Alchemy’s modern cloud solution for formulators and loved that it was designed for materials scientists instead of pharmaceuticals scientists. Mari had previous experience trying to make her lab work conform to software and was determined to find a solution that could fit her company’s vision and goals in terms of lab best practices, not the other way around.
“We knew Alchemy would help us move faster by giving us all our data in one place.”
– Dr. Mari Granström, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder of
Origin by Ocean
“When you do R&D or formulation application work, things will always change. Alchemy can move and change with us as our process changes.”
– Dr. Mari Granström, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder of Origin by Ocean

Using Alchemy’s formulating ELN solution with integrated LIMS enabled Origin by Ocean to:  

  • Digitize their unique lab processes and highly customized data capture based on its biorefining activities
  • Interlink their processes and data based on how they work and link these processes with their overarching business objectives
  • Deploy a customized ELN and LIMS solution efficiently by working with an Alchemy staff chemist who understood their domain, formulation processes, and test methods
  • Easily find formulations, test results and analyses due to the intuitive User Experience
  • Evolve their tool as new staff, novel processes, and additional equipment come onboard
I love that we didn’t have to spend time creating documents and diagrams. We simply described our process and Alchemy guided us on the best way to structure the data so we could see and analyze what’s most important for our business.”
– Dr. Mari Granström, Chief Scientist & Co-Founder of Origin by Ocean
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