Connect sales and technical service with your lab teams

Our lab management software has pre-built integrations with Salesforce CRM and Dynamics CRM to give your sales and service teams real-time visibility into project and technical service requests as they progress.

Built for collaboration between Sales and Technical Service

Modern lab software
Alchemy’s enterprise software is built specifically for applied science teams. It includes modern ELN software, LIMS software with digital test libraries, automations, and AI insights to run fully digital research, product development and technical services.
100% integrated lab and testing data
Our Digital Lab Workbench works seamlessly with
our LIMS and collects interconnected, A.I.-ready data at every step of every process. Work even faster with real-time integrations to your lab equipment and testing instruments.
Connects your sales and lab teams
Alchemy has pre-built integrations to the most popular CRM products. Connect Salesforce CRM or Dynamics CRM with Alchemy to give your sales team real-time visibility into the status of lab projects for each sales opportunity.
Accelerate technical services requests
Alchemy’s technical service module covers all aspects of sampling, application testing and other lab work requested by customers and prospects. Track everything digitally, speed up work with automations and AI insights, and measure the ROI for every project.  
Easy to configure
Alchemy’s products can be configured to match your specific products, materials, formulations, tests, samples, products, and batch properties. Our Configuration Center also makes it easy to modify each workflow or create entirely new custom workflows.
Proven Impact

Alchemy accelerates scientific teams

Less time searching for data
Faster product development
Higher conversion on samples
Reduction in testing time
“Moving from SharePoint to Alchemy will be a game-changer for us. With Alchemy we will have all R&D data and Tech Service projects in one flexible system that all of our global teams can use to collaborate.”
- Vershaun Jones, Global VP Technical, Magni Coatings

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