Hauthaway case study

Hauthaway uses Alchemy to measure and improve their chemistry innovation process

Hauthaway is no stranger to innovation and re-invention. In business since the mid-1800’s, Hauthaway has a centuries-long culture of helping customers overcome challenges with innovative chemistry. Evolving over the years from manufacturing protective coatings for leather shoes, to making polyurethane polymers and compound finishing materials for customers in the automotive, biomedical, construction, maintenance and textile industries.

Embracing modern digital technology from Alchemy is just one more way Hauthaway is transforming their business and ensuring they provide best-in-class customer service for the next century.
Alchemy helps us get new chemists up to speed faster. When starting a new project, chemists can search and reference what’s already been done on similar projects using Alchemy.”
– Ted Johnson, General Manager, Hauthaway

Success highlights using Alchemy for chemistry process innovation:

  • Weekly meetings used to require pulling information from four different systems. Now all data comes straight out of Alchemy.
  • Until Alchemy, our past formula, test and technical data was trapped in paper notebooks and rarely referenced. Now, instead of starting from zero every time, chemists can filter and search through testing and analysis to jumpstart their new project.
  • New-hire chemists can get up to speed more quickly by leveraging all project, formula and test information available in Alchemy.
  • Replace each of the standalone legacy systems by moving these processes and data into Alchemy (CRM, ISO compliance, project management, sample management, customer complaints, etc.)
"We are a process company focused 100% on helping our customers solve their chemistry challenges. Using Alchemy, we expect to convert more projects and win more business by measuring and improving each step of the chemistry innovation and sales process."
– Ted Johnson, General Manager, Hauthaway
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