Modern lab testing software with automation and AI

Alchemy’s LIMS embeds testing right into the development process, brings in real-time data from lab equipment, and ensures quality at every step as you design, test, scale up and service your products.

Built for testing across the applied sciences

Modern LIMS testing software
Our LIMS has easy-to-use screens, dynamic workflows, and real-time reports to speed up testing — characterization, analytical, application, microbiology, sensory and QC —  to ensure products meet specifications. Everything you need from laboratory information management system built right into our all-in-one solution.
Testing automation and integrations
Easily integrate Alchemy with your test instruments and lab equipment for real-time data analysis and reporting. Alchemy has modules for all kinds of testing and makes it easy to follow, track, and even automate steps in each workflow.
100% integrated with formulations
Our LIMS works seamlessly with our Electronic Lab Notebook and collects interconnected AI-ready data at every step of every process. You get a unified ELN, LIMS and PLM in one modern solution. 
Embedded AI insights
Alchemy has AI models that adjust and run on your interconnected formulation and test data. Our AI models surface insights in the LIMS and prompt users with real-time recommendations and predictions while they work. 
Speed up sales & service
Give sales and technical service teams real-time visibility into the status of every project and sample request as it progresses through the lab. Streamline their workflows with Alchemy’s pre-built Salesforce CRM and Dynamics CRM integrations.
Easy to configure
Alchemy’s products can be configured to match your specific products, materials, formulations, tests, samples, products and batch properties.

Our Configuration Center also makes it easy to modify each workflow or create entirely new custom workflows. Alchemy is the most flexible and configurable LIMS software you’ve ever seen.
Proven Impact

Alchemy accelerates scientific teams

Less time searching for data
Faster product development
Higher conversion on samples
Reduction in testing time
“It was wildly easy for us to decide to buy Alchemy. It gives us both lab management and CRM all in one solution so sales reps and lab teams can work together to meet customer needs.”
- Morgan Fraga, Controller and New Business Development Manager, Circle-Prosco, Inc.

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