How it works

The Alchemy Applied Sciences Platform gives your technical personnel the modern lab software and AI-powered insights they need to run fully digital research, development and testing.
Configure your data
For your specific products, materials, tests, properties and processes.
With our help.
When you begin using Alchemy, we upload all your products and raw materials and customize the application to match your exact needs down to field names, labels and ontology.
Customize any workflow
With Alchemy, it’s easy to customize our standard research, product development, and testing workflows to match your organization’s specific processes.
Create custom workflows
You can also easily create new custom workflows for any additional processes you would like to automate or track.
Integrate lab equipment
Feed test data from your lab equipment directly into Alchemy for automated data capture and analysis. Alchemy ensures all testing data is logically connected to your formulas, materials, and workflows so it can feed directly into our scientific AI models.
Integrate with sales & tech services
You can also connect Alchemy directly with your ERP and internal reporting systems to keep information accurate and complete throughout the product life cycle. Integrate Alchemy with your CRM to give your sales and technical services teams real-time visibility into the status of each project in the lab.
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Start running a fully digital lab
Capture and distill all the data your scientists and lab teams need to do their jobs in one easy-to-use system. Create your integrated development and testing plan, consolidate all testing data, and compare results across studies.
Collect AI-ready data
Alchemy collects detailed, interconnected data at every step of every process. This powerful infrastructure feeds data  automatically into our scientific AI models to discover insights and drive improvements without extra work for you.
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Get AI-powered insights
Accelerate your innovation, product development, and testing work with built-in AI insights that give you recommendations and expected outcomes as you work within the Alchemy Applied Sciences Platform.
“With Alchemy, we have a global view of how our tech service teams and product lines are performing in different regions around the world. This integrated lab-to-field performance visibility helps us develop and improve our applications month after month.”
- Loulou Rozek, Global Head of Technical Services, Borchers
Proven Impact

Alchemy accelerates scientific teams

Less time searching for data
Faster product development
Higher conversion on samples
Reduction in testing time

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