Vibrantz case study

Vibrantz accelerates time to market and responds to customers technical service requests faster with Alchemy

Constant improvement and great customer service run deep in Vibrantz’s DNA. As an early adopter of technology, Vibrantz’s technical group now uses Alchemy’s Chemistry Acceleration Software to track projects, formulas, materials, testing and feedback for their new development and technical service requests.

In the first few months Vibrantz found better accuracy tracking their time to market, has impressed customers with faster turn-around times, and now have consistent reports at the end of every project.
“Alchemy provides so much more than our old Biovia and Sharepoint systems. Alchemy makes it easy to track work across our core processes, so we can shorten individual steps and accelerate our time to market.”
– Jerry Powers, Technical Director, Vibrantz
”When I log in to Alchemy I can immediately see where each project is and tell our CEO the disposition of every project at any time.”
– Jerry Powers, Technical Director, Vibrantz

Vibrantz success highlights:

  • Replaced old Sharepoint and Biovia lab notebook systems with Alchemy in February 2019.
  • Technical service teams use Alchemy to track and manage thousands of color match requests, and related lab work, each year.
  • Now capture all formulation and test data inside Alchemy where it is easy to filter and search to accelerate the process of hitting an exact match on future color requests.
  • Automates calculations, process steps, and approvals to accelerate the end-to-end tech service process.
  • Streamlined approvals process for custom formulation work.
  • Plan to expand Vibrantz’s use of Alchemy to new product and technical service teams across North America, Europe and APAC.
  • Plan to integrate Alchemy with Salesforce for a closed-loop tech service request and lab process that seamlessly connects the lab and sales team functions.
”I love Alchemy's vision for predictive formulation, mobile lab reporting, voice memos, notes - all of it! Capturing all of our current chemistry data digitally gives us the right foundation to be able to take advantage of all the new capabilities Alchemy is building.”
– Jerry Powers, Technical Director, Vibrantz
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