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From Concept to Chemistry

Alchemy accelerates product development and improves service delivery with software that powers the digital lab of the future.


Digitalize your lab processes across the entire product lifecycle.

Whether you’re working on fundamental R&D, new products or helping customers get the most from your current products, Alchemy accelerates your lab, sales and service processes so you can speed time to revenue on new product development, decrease lab cost per sale and improve customer responsiveness.


Most organizations grapple with lots of single purpose tools which create data silos and business process inefficiencies.

Alchemy Lab Process Automation Across the Product Lifecycle

Alchemy focuses on the Three C’s: Concept, Chemistry & Commercialization. Alchemy integrates the features of disconnected, single-purpose tools into customized lab applications, so you can digitalize and optimize every step of your processes.

How does Alchemy do this quickly?

We use our “no-code” process automation platform to dynamically generate applications based on your processes, test methods, lab equipment and organizational structure. You get digital best practices for operational efficiency in 60 days per lab.


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