Magni case study

Magni Selects Alchemy Cloud to Integrate R&D Formulation Development and Tech Service Project Management Globally

When the world’s top OEMs need high-performance, long-lasting coatings, they call Magni.  As the leading provider of protective coatings for applications ranging from submarines and fighter jets to sports cars and their components, Magni helps customers push performance boundaries.

In 2020, Magni undertook an initiative to modernize its back-end formulation development process, currently managed with a combination of Excel and Deacom ERP, and replace their SharePoint-based project management systems. Magni selected Alchemy Cloud to integrate all R&D formulation development and Tech Service projects into a unified system, enabling their worldwide team of experts to have real-time visibility into the latest product and project information.
“Moving from SharePoint to Alchemy will be a game-changer for us. With Alchemy we will have all R&D data and Tech Service projects in one flexible system that all of our global teams can use to collaborate.”
– Vershaun Jones, Global VP Technical, Magni Coatings

Benefits of integrated R&D and Technical Service project management:

  • Moving all formulation-related projects from SharePoint into Alchemy will give everyone across R&D and Technical Service a real-time view of all projects, test data and results.
  • End-to-end formulation process will be tracked in Alchemy, capturing a rich database of AI-ready formulation data.
  • Shared visibility of all formulation data, versioning control, test results and flagged potential issues will accelerate innovation and shorten customer response times.
  • Reports that took days to write can be generated automatically by Alchemy, including complete Trial Summary, Trial Corrosion, and PPAP intel.
“Bringing formulation and project management together into the same system will make everything faster. Alchemy gives us a link between our formulations and project database that can bring value globally.”
– Lisette Maloney, Global Director R&D, Magni Coatings
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