Circle-Prosco, Inc. case study

Circle-Prosco, Inc. uses Alchemy to streamline its sales and custom formulation processes while complying with automotive quality certification IATF 16949/2016

Circle-Prosco, Inc. provides custom metal finishing formulations to aluminum and automotive manufacturers. CPI takes on the lubricant, coatings and cleaner challenges their customers need them to solve and provides a customized solution every time. Their unique value proposition has allowed them to grow aggressively in recent years.

Over the past year they have significantly grown their sales, R&D and quality teams, using Alchemy to standardize their sales-to-lab process and give everyone a shared view of sales opportunities and lab projects. Circle-Prosco, Inc. is going through an ambitious period of growth and relying on Alchemy to manage their sales, technical service and lab work all in one solution.
It was wildly easy for us to decide to buy Alchemy. It gives us both lab management and CRM all in one solution so sales reps and lab teams can work together to meet customer needs.
– Morgan Fraga, Controller and New Business Development Manager, Circle-Prosco, Inc.
"Quotes that use to take four hours to create now take just five minutes. Alchemy gives us the visibility across sales opportunities and lab projects we need to forecast and plan as we continue to grow our business."
– Morgan Fraga, Controller and New Business Development Manager, Circle-Prosco, Inc.

Circle Prosco sample request form and streamlined sales success highlights:

  • Alchemy’s Sample Request Forms ensure sales and technical service reps provide all the information the lab needs to evaluate new projects.
  • Replaced stand-alone CRM system that couldn’t interface with the lab or support CPI’s technical process. Now sales, technical service and lab teams have a shared view of every sample request, project, customer feedback and sales quote.
  • All sales quotes are now generated automatically with data in Alchemy, drastically reducing the time to create each quote from 4 hours to 5 minutes.
  • Executives now have full visibility into all sales opportunities and all lab projects, giving them the information needed for capacity planning and revenue forecasts.
  • Digital best practice workflows help new hires get up to speed more quickly.
“Alchemy’s digital workflows perfectly matched the quality system we had to build. It met all our automotive compliance tracking requirements and didn’t require us to change anything.
– Morgan Fraga, Controller and New Business Development Manager, Circle-Prosco, Inc.
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