Borchers Uses Alchemy to Tie Application Development Success in the Lab to Commercial Success in the Field

“With Alchemy, we have a global view of how our tech service teams and product lines are performing in different regions around the world. This integrated lab-to-field performance visibility helps us develop and improve our applications month after month." — Loulou Rozek, Global Head of Technical Services, Borchers

At a Glance

Westlake, Ohio

Chemical Manufacturing

Use Cases
Formulation, Testing, Application Development, and Artificial Intelligence

Long sample creation and testing timesHigh product development costs

Results with Alchemy
Reduced total sample creation and testing time from 30 to 6 hours

Company Overview

Borchers, a Milliken & Co. company, is a leading supplier of coating additives and specialty catalyst solutions. Their products — including cobalt-free driers, dispersants, and more — are used to enhance coatings across a variety of applications and industries.

As a global manufacturer, Borchers has technical service teams in the US, Germany, and China. To meet constantly changing customer needs, they prioritize quick response times and strive for effective collaboration both within and outside of the organization.

Borchers chose Alchemy's global electronic lab notebook (ELN) and laboratory information management system (LIMS) to help its technical service teams meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations and specific market demands.

The Solution

With the integration of Alchemy's ELN and LIMS, Borchers' application development and testing are handled by one system. This unified system helps them to easily capture data at each step — from opportunities, projects, and requirements to formulations, testing, analysis, feedback, and beyond.

Alchemy's dynamic comparison tables have made formulating and analysis easier than ever. When starting a project, Borchers can use Alchemy to search for and reuse previous formulations and results. They can also track project management, including status, outcome, and commercial success.
Proven Impact

Key Results

Sample creation and testing before Alchemy
Sample creation and testing after Alchemy
in testing

More Benefits

  • The Head of Technical Services now has a global view of performance in different regions.
  • Customers can collaborate and provide feedback in a secure digital space.
  • The sales team now has visibility of lab projects, including status and customer input.
  • Process bottlenecks have been resolved, reducing response times.
  • Tracking, measuring, and reporting are easier across projects, processes, teams, products, and tests.
  • The lab's technical success data can now be tied directly to commercial success.
  • Integration with lab instruments has simplified data capture and analysis.

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