Borchers case study

Borchers Uses Alchemy to Tie Application Development Success in the Lab to Commercial Success in the Field

Borchers, a subsidiary of Milliken & Company, is a premier global provider of coating additives and specialty catalyst solutions. Their product range, which includes cobalt-free driers, dispersants, rheology modifiers, wetting agents, polymerization catalysts and adhesion promoters, are used to improve coatings systems across a full spectrum of chemistries, applications, and end markets. In 2020, Borchers selected Alchemy to provide an integrated electronic lab notebook (ELN) and laboratory information management system (LIMS) across their global technical service teams.

As a global manufacturer, Borchers has technical service teams in offices across the United States, Germany, and China. Borchers prides itself on building strong customer relationships through its fast response times and ability to effectively collaborate on producing specialty solutions to fit unique, ever-shifting customer needs.

Using Alchemy’s integrated ELN and LIMS, the entire application development and testing process is now executed and managed in Alchemy, capturing detailed opportunity, project, requirement, formulation, testing, analysis and client feedback data at every step of the process. The system provides comparison tables for easier formulating and test data analysis as well as intuitive search and reuse of prior formulations and their associated test results when determining the optimal starting point formulation for a project. Project management, including status, technical outcome, and commercial success are clearly tracked.
“With Alchemy we have a global view of how our tech service teams and product lines are performing in different regions around the world. This integrated lab-to-field performance visibility helps us develop and improve our applications month after month.”
– Loulou Rozek, Global Head of Technical Services, Borchers

Lab and commercialization success results with Alchemy:

  • Head of Technical Services has a global view of how tech services and specific product lines are performing in different regions around the world.
  • Customers are able to collaborate and provide input and feedback to Borchers’ product development process through a secure digital collaboration space.
  • The entire sales team has visibility of how technical service projects are advancing in the lab, including project status and customer input at both the overall project and test levels.
  • Bottlenecks in their process have been unblocked and streamlined helping shrink response times.
  • It’s easier to track, measure, and report across every project, process, team, product, and test.
  • Ability to directly tie technical success data in the lab to commercial success in the field.
  • Integration with a variety of lab instruments makes test data capture and analysis as easy as possible for lab staff.
“It’s been great to work with a software company with such deep chemicals expertise. Our Customer Success Manager deeply understands our lab processes and helps us configure Alchemy to capture the right data at every stage of the process.”
– Loulou Rozek, Global Head of Technical Services, Borchers
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