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A relevant solution for every role

Alchemy’s Chemistry Acceleration Software helps everyone involved in developing formulas, monetizing products and servicing customers.


Lab Management

It's hard to convey lab productivity or inefficiencies to leadership when you're busy collecting the data you need to make decisions and take action. To keep lab operations running smoothly, Alchemy lets you analyze data across all projects and lab staff on demand and take action digitally. Speed up execution of projects and increase capacity and throughput of your lab.

Chemists & Lab Techs

Execute projects with the latest digital technology at your fingertips. A visual overview of all the projects on your docket, real-time status of what needs to be done by whom across cross-functional project teams, and a digital repository of project work means you’re in control and never start from scratch.

New Product Development

Being responsive to customer and market needs is critical these days. Once you know what you want to formulate, use Alchemy to take friction out of the entire development process. It’s digital, collaborative, and optimized for specialty chemicals.

Research & Development

Just because you are taking the long view doesn’t mean you want things to take a long time. For complex chemistry, concurrent development efforts, or multiple teams working on components that need to integrate, Alchemy has you covered. Track complex development processes and get real-time visibility to everything that goes into making a new blockbuster product.


Technical Service

At the intersection of the lab and sales, your technical expertise can mean the difference between closing a sale, retaining a customer, or not. With Alchemy get access to all the people and data you need in real-time to provide exceptionally responsive service, identify and analyze recurring issues, and mitigate proactively.


Alchemy delivers end-to-end visibility - from first contact to closed project - to help you get more projects across the finish line. See all the sales metrics you care about in one place, so you can analyze the pipeline, identify new opportunities, manage risks, set better quotas, and retain happier customers.


Steering the financial ship is a big job. Deliver more than numbers. Make financial data more meaningful by coupling it with operating metrics. Your management team will make better decisions and thank you with better performance.


As CEO, you are at the helm of your business driving company growth. See all the metrics that matter to you - in one place, in real-time. Visualize opportunities and risks at a glance and easily make data-driven decisions, so your company can move forward faster.

"Alchemy helps us get new chemists up to speed faster. When starting a new project, chemists can search and reference what’s already been done on similar projects using Alchemy."

- Ted Johnson, General Manager, Hauthaway

“Turning Digital to Dollars
in the Coatings Industry”

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