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Accelerate formula development with an integrated database of searchable test plans, products, trial formulas, chemical structures, test results and lab reports


Capture your exact lab data, in your exact lab processes, with a 100% customizable electronic lab notebook

Design your action plan, capture your hypotheses, plan your tests, and capture all of your test data electronically with easy-to-customize lab notebook software designed specifically for chemists and lab technicians. Centralize all lab data in database that makes it easy to search across past tests and projects, run reports, and analyze trends.


Built for specialty chemicals companies, we make it easy to capture lab data in the exact processes and formats you need


Search, review and analyze your test data and compare results against historical tests of trial and final formulas as well as your product line


Accelerate the development of new formulas and differentiate your service to customers

Learn more about how Alchemy’s customizable electronic lab notebook software helps specialty chemicals companies capture and leverage lab data to streamline and accelerate product development and service delivery.

  • Easily customize Alchemy’s Electronic Lab Notebook to match your exact data requirements and lab processes
  • Start with complete and accurate requirements every time with digital lab work requests from every source – sales, technical service, product marketing, new product development and research & development
  • Create unique lab work request templates by chemistry, group, project type, process and/or required time frame
  • Digitally define your test method and all test-related information – functional and technical objectives, hypotheses, research of prior relevant work, process, equipment, test result data, analysis and conclusions
  • Build a searchable database for all lab data to accelerate your R&D, product development, product enhancement, product matching and product offset processes
  • Analyze & visualize test data in your lab notebook at the point of entry
  • Quickly access and analyze historical test data from other related projects with universal search functionality
  • Track batch and control information
  • Track recipes for all trial and final formulas
  • Keep everyone on the project aware of customer and project requirements, as well as test results, analyses, conclusions, and customer feedback data based on their access rights
  • Gain an extra day of productivity each week with all the information and research you need in one place and at your fingertips
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"Alchemy helps us get new chemists up to speed faster. When starting a new project, chemists can search and reference what’s already been done on similar projects using Alchemy."

- Ted Johnson, General Manager, Hauthaway

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