In our ongoing blog series, we've discussed the challenges that accompany the digital transformation of R&D labs, including data silos, transitioning from legacy systems, and ensuring systems remain AI-ready.

Today, we're tackling the fourth challenge: the scarcity of R&D software that’s ready to use out of the box but still highly configurable to a company’s unique needs.

Legacy R&D Software: Painstakingly Customized or One Size Fits None

R&D labs often face two options when it comes to selecting software. The first option is to invest in a highly tailored custom solution, which is extremely expensive, laborious, and slow to build. The other option is to use a patchwork of turnkey solutions, which are more or less immediately usable out of the box but need more built-in flexibility.

There’s no easy answer. A solution tailored to your exact processes would be ideal, but only if it actually works and isn’t more trouble than it’s worth.

The other choice is no more appealing. Sure, with turnkey software, you can get started quickly, but your formulating process gets shaped and ultimately constrained by the limitations of a solution built without your business in mind.

At Alchemy, we believe we’ve found a middle way.

The Solution: A Turnkey Platform with Deep Configurability

Alchemy addresses this challenge by offering an integrated ELN and LIMS solution that is ready to use yet configurable enough to meet your needs. Our system offers flexible formulating and testing, layers of configurability, and platform data storage and search — all built to help you run AI in real time.

Our formulating features are powerful out of the box but also flexible and designed for self–configuration. For example, without ever leaving the user interface, Alchemy lets you:

  • Change formulating inputs on the fly
  • Hide or show material properties on your formulating table
  • Add new materials, processing steps, and test methods
  • Set up your formulating table for your order of operations — for any project

Alchemy also comes loaded with a library of 500+ customizable test methods. And don’t worry —  the system harmonizes data automatically to preserve the fidelity of your workflows and data.

For broader system and workflow configuration, Alchemy’s configuration portal puts customer admins in complete control of their system. In case they need extra help, Alchemy also has a customer support team composed of industry experts with deep knowledge of best practices in digitization. They are on standby to assist you in optimizing your Alchemy configuration, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with your R&D lab's needs.


Configurable or turnkey? Configurable and turnkey. R&D labs no longer have to choose between customized and ready-to-use software. Alchemy ELN offers the best of both worlds. It's a powerful, flexible, and out-of-the-box solution built on a no-code platform that’s designed for deep configurability.

Don’t just take our word for it: listen to IMCD Group discuss how Alchemy has helped drive organizational alignment and product expertise.

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