In the first installment of our challenges of digitizing your R&D lab series, we discussed how to strike the right balance between flexibility and structure when digitizing your R&D lab.

In this installment, we will discuss the challenge of cataloging your data in a way that your teams can still leverage it. As data forms the core of R&D operations, its management can pose challenges, particularly when scattered across various systems.

Legacy Data Silos & Complex Access

Searching for data spread across different systems can be a frustrating experience, especially for R&D labs dealing with rigid legacy systems such as an LAN/Active Directory, ERP, or corporate data repositories.

The process of finding, collating, and managing disparate datasets can be challenging. Even if you locate the necessary information, searching across multiple systems can be time-consuming. This can make it difficult to identify patterns and make accurately informed decisions.

Without accurate real-time data or a single source of truth, decisions are based on outdated information, leading to mistakes and difficulty in identifying patterns and trends.

One way to overcome this challenge is to use software that offers a combined ELN + LIMS solution, like Alchemy.

Alchemy as a Solution

Alchemy can help you overcome the challenges of cataloging your data in a way that your teams can still leverage it. Alchemy offers a platform that provides data storage and search capabilities for better usability.

Alchemy's platform can help you to:

Layered relatable structure: Alchemy's platform allows you to layer your data in a relevant way to your business, making it easy to find and understand the data you need.

Multiple ways to search: Alchemy's platform offers numerous ways to search your data. This includes keyword search, natural language search, and advanced search.

Scan & Score your historical or current project data: Alchemy's platform can scan and score your historical or current project data, allowing you to identify trends and patterns and make informed decisions.

Layered filters to enable intersected search: Alchemy lets you layer filters to help enable intersected search. This allows you to combine data types to get the complete picture.

Natural language search: Alchemy's platform offers natural language search. You can use this feature to search for data using natural language queries.

Single source of truth: Choosing the right software can unify teams and increase efficiency, but it can also be challenging due to varying preferences and familiarity. A universally accessible and customizable option, like Alchemy, is crucial for maintaining a single source of truth.

Real-time data: With Alchemy, you'll have access to real-time updates on data, ensuring that your teams are all on the same page and benefiting from a unified system.


While data cataloging in R&D labs pose challenges, Alchemy's platform provides various solutions, including layered structures, diverse search capabilities, scanning and scoring features, layered filters, and natural language search.

By enhancing data accessibility and facilitating the intersection of different data types, Alchemy paves the way for successful R&D outcomes.

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