In our ongoing blog series about the challenges of digitizing R&D labs, we've tackled the challenges of data silos and outdated systems. Now, we're focusing on the third challenge: configuring your system for simplicity and efficiency without jeopardizing its AI readiness.

Legacy Software Can Be a Roadblock

In the journey towards digital transformation, R&D labs face the critical challenge of optimizing their procedures while maintaining AI readiness. However, legacy software can be a roadblock due to its complex and inflexible structure, which can cause issues during deployment and beyond.

One significant issue with traditional software (e.g. A LAN/Active Directory, ERP, or corporate data repository) is its monolithic structure. This can make it challenging or even impossible to tailor specific parts of the software without affecting the entire codebase. Additionally, deploying legacy software across multiple departments outside of R&D is difficult because a lot of legacy software wasn't designed for large-scale rollout. This makes it hard to incorporate new features or changes to different sectors.

Inconsistencies in Data Models and Software Architectures Can Be a Problem

Differences in data models and software architectures can make integrating products from the same or different vendors challenging. This is critical to ensuring that the data is AI-ready. For example, if a company is using an ELN system, it can be challenging to incorporate LIMS in the future from the same or different vendor if the ELN software is rigid.

A flexible ELN + LIMS like Alchemy is ideal for overcoming these challenges. It is designed to allow configuration while preserving the AI-readiness of data.

Alchemy's Configurable Platform: Unmatched Versatility and Configurability

Alchemy's R&D lab software solution offers easy configuration, aligning with your unique needs while encouraging AI readiness. It provides an array of customizable options, including:

UI Self-configuration: Alchemy's user interface lets you personalize various software features such as aesthetics, workflows, and data fields.
Configurable formulating tool: Use Alchemy's fully flexible formulating tool to create a tool that fits your lab's needs.
Condition, property, and calculations configuration: While ready out-of-the-box, Alchemy's configurable engine enables the development of a system that truly reflects your materials and processes.
Ontology and taxonomy configuration: Design a system that aligns with your specific terminology and data models with Alchemy's fully customizable ontology and taxonomy engine.
Customer administration: Create and manage user accounts, roles, and permissions with Alchemy's customer administration system.
Record and workflow configuration: Alchemy enables the creation and management of records, workflows, and tasks.
User access control: Control data and feature access in the software using Alchemy's user access control system.


In conclusion, Alchemy's R&D lab software offers easy configurability to cater to specific needs and AI-powered insights for improving lab operations. With its various customizable features and guidance from industry experts, Alchemy is the preferred choice for R&D labs seeking a straightforward, easily configurable system with built-in data curation that creates and preserves AI-ready data.

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