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The (Ubiquitous) Role of Novel Battery Technology in Our Everyday Lives

Yes, a sales guy telling you why you shouldn’t spend your money! Watch our head of sales, Zack Woods, talk candidly about why companies should NOT consider buying a LIMS as the next step of their digital journeys.
December 9, 2021, 11:00AM–11:30AM EST
Zachary Woods
Head of Sales
Alchemy Cloud
Dr. Kevin Wujcik
Blue Current

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Making the switch from gas guzzler to EV? Charging your iPhone in a bomb shelter to prevent a would-be disaster? Frustrated that your computer battery seems to die at exactly the wrong moment? 

In this webinar, Dr. Kevin Wujcik, CTO of Blue Current and former innovator for Ford, will share his thoughts on:

1. Pros and cons of lithium ion vs. other liquid anion / solid state battery alternatives
2. Short and long term implications of the switch to battery powered EVs, from driving range to battery upcycling.
3. How the next decade will be impacted by the proliferation of battery-powered devices. 

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Purpose of Webinar

For anyone not living under a rock, the hype around brands like Tesla and their soon-to-IPO more rugged counterpart Rivian is hard to ignore. Given the cornerstone role battery technology plays in their business strategies - and in the strategies of countless players in other industries -, this webinar will focus on what the future holds (and what it doesn’t) for one of the world’s most pervasive technologies.