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Duration: ~30 Minutes
Speaker: Patrick Rose


Frustrated with slow R&D processes and hindered by data quality limitations? You're not alone. Integrating AI into R&D holds immense promise, but gathering high-quality, AI-ready data can be a daunting task.

In our webinar, Alchemy's VP of Product, Patrick Rose, explains how AI-guided DOE can help R&D companies achieve their lab goals with little friction.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • Why R&D organizations are getting stuck trying to implement AI.
  • The key benefits of using AI-guided DOE compared to traditional experimental design, such as predictive insights, autonomous experimentation, and faster time to automated results
  • How Alchemy's AI-guided DOE works in real-time, and what the next steps toward AI integration look like

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“It was wildly easy for us to decide to buy Alchemy. It gives us both lab management and CRM all in one solution so sales reps and lab teams can work together to meet customer needs.”
- Morgan Fraga, Controller and New Business Development Manager, Circle-Prosco, Inc.
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