We are excited to welcome Janelle Asumang to Alchemy! There is so much innovation happening in personal care. We asked our resident expert some questions – serious and fun – about her successful career in the industry and what she is most excited about. 

What trend in personal care do you find most exciting? The expanding level of research on the skin microbiome is really exciting to me! It’s fascinating that scientists are developing products that increase the levels of good bacteria and defenses against environmental stressors. The use of technology - specifically AI and bioinformatics  - is increasing in this space and will open a new world of products for consumers. 

What aspects of the Alchemy platform do you feel are most important to technical directors in personal care companies? Fractured collaboration and process inefficiencies are critical issues for global, multi-disciplinary technical teams. Alchemy is the right solution for personal care companies because it is completely tailored to their needs. It allows them to streamline product development because with digitized, integrated labs, data from laboratory notebooks, instrumentation, and ingredient intelligence are all located in one unified platform.   

Given your many years in the personal care industry, what positive changes have you seen occur since you first started working? I have always been inspired by the personal care industry's commitment to continuous education and improvement. There are countless avenues available for individuals to increase their knowledge in areas such as compliance, test methods, and formulations. Creative and passionate people fuel cosmetic innovation, they are devoted to making a positive impact on human health and the environment. 

Beauty is so personal, so on a more personal note:

What’s your absolute, must-have beauty product? I just love my tinted moisturizer. It’s a quick, all-in-one workhorse!

We all have one. What was your biggest beauty blunder ever? I was a typical adolescent who battled with acne. The night before “Picture Day” at middle school, I tried a new acne cleanser. My expectation was to wake up the next morning with perfectly clear skin. Instead, I had an allergic reaction and had to take my school picture with a swollen face. I learned my lesson and to this day, I tend to stay loyal to my skin care products!  

About Janelle Janelle is responsible for Alchemy’s personal care business. Leveraging her chemistry degree from Purdue University, Janelle has an extensive background in personal care ingredients, actives, and specialty chemicals having worked for Azelis, Clariant, Kemin, and Siltech. Janelle is a proud member of Cosmetic Executive Women and Society of Cosmetic Chemists

Janelle can be contacted at janelle@alchemy.cloud and more info about Alchemy’s Personal Care solution can be found here.

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