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Accelerating the Art & Science of Formulating

Minimize trial batches and optimize performance while maintaining cosmetic regulatory compliance for commercialization

Accelerate innovation and time to market.

  • Improve ingredient selection by connecting Marketing, Regulatory, and Product Development teams at the point of conception on a continuous platform  
  • Optimize formula performance through a multi-factor methodology 
  • Make better use of legacy formulations by using results from past experiments   
  • Meeting compliance requirements by having ingredient, formulation, regulatory, and test data in one location
  • Ensure adherence to multi-country regulatory requirements and certification standards  
  • Generate Product Information Files (PIF’s) and customer-specific reports with ease 
  • Enhance communication and transparency with brands and consumers through an improved range of vision from ideation to product release 
  • Leverage predictive capabilities with embedded artificial intelligence

What’s Included in Alchemy

Alchemy provides all the functionality you need in a no-code, flexible platform. It is customized to meet the specific needs of the beauty industry - namely improving the scientific agility necessary for making highly efficacious, sustainable, and regulatory compliant personal care products.

Key features include:

Solving Your Problems

Alchemy digitizes product development and testing for customers in:

  • Cosmetic and Personal Care Contract Manufacturing 
  • Full Turnkey and Packaging Solution Providers
  • Plant-based Actives and Functional Ingredients
  • Contract labs
  • Innovative Specialty Chemicals
  • Essential Oils and Aromatic Ingredients

The platform provides over 30 digitized test methods specifically for beauty and personal care. Plus, it aligns all your labs around best practices from product conceptualization through formulation and production to optimize for:

  • Efficacy and product performance
  • Product characteristics experienced through the senses
  • Human health, environmental impact, and cradle to cradle sustainability

Customer Success

Example one:

An innovative European ingredients supplier that derives biomolecules from algae to create novel emulsifiers, pigments, antioxidants, and thickening agents. 


  • Digitized extraction, purification and scaling  processes and highly customized data capture based on proprietary biorefining processes 
  • Deployed a customized ELN and LIMS solution tailored to their unique operations
  • Linked processes and data to mesh with overarching business objectives to speed product and process development
  • Provided direct equipment integrations to Alchemy to speed testing and automate key analyses

Results in one year

  • Increased project throughput 5.9x year over year
  • Evaluated and qualified 4.2x more raw materials year over year
  • Improved planning and tracking of work, projects, and people 

Example two

A global leader in specialty ingredient distribution for the personal care industry.


  • Imported over 100,000 SKUs and associated technical data
  • Digitized end-to-end formulation, blending, characterization, and application testing processes for use in 18 labs and research centers globally
  • Made technical data available to lab teams globally
  • Integrated to Snowflake corporate data lake  
  • Integrated to Salesforce CRM enables sales to kick off lab work in Alchemy and provide status back to the sales team

Results in one year

  • Duration of execution technical requests shrank by 79%
  • Duration of internal lab work shrank by 46%
  • Tighter coordination with Sales
  • Increased collaboration with customers and suppliers

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"Alchemy provides so much more than our old Biovia and Sharepoint systems. Alchemy makes it easy to track work across our core processes, so we can shorten individual steps and accelerate our time to market."

- Jerry Powers, Product Development Manager, Chromaflo