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Never miss a step and speed project execution

Ensure a consistent, efficient and transparent process every time

Want to make sure every new project and service request goes through the right process? With Alchemy’s project and task management solution you define the specific steps for each type of project, who needs to do what at each step, and create alerts when something is delayed or missing.

Alchemy speeds the process by automatically assigning the next step to the right person, sending notifications, and providing time-stamped visibility to everyone involved.


Ensure your processes are followed consistently across labs, across teams, and across projects


Improve communication with personalized activity feeds and system-generated notifications


Make sure everyone stays up to date on important projects with real-time updates

Learn how Alchemy’s online Task & Project Management software helps specialty chemicals companies keep projects on track and increase lab efficiencies

  • Standardize your project processes with predefined project plans and checklists
  • Easily customize your project plans to match your exact processes, chemistries, test types, access rights, data collection requirements and compliance procedures
  • Eliminate double data entry and unnecessary status entry by having your whole team on the same digital page
  • Build and reference a single source of truth for every project across lab teams, sales, and technical service
  • Define who gets visibility at each stage with granular access rights and permissions
  • Prioritize projects across every process and every team
  • Allocate resources based on capacity and expertise
  • Centralize all work for a project or prospect in one place to keep everyone involved on the same page
  • Access the status of all your work in the lab from any device
  • Manage all tasks assigned to you and by you in one place
  • Get notified automatically when it’s your turn to contribute to a project, your project moves forward, or one of your team members has a question
  • Prioritize projects across every process and every team
  • Get real-time status and visibility into every project across every lab by step, priority, chemistry, end market, customer, chemist, sales person or any metric important to your business
  • Keep projects on track with automated routing of tasks to the right person and notifications when something is past due
  • See a real-time feed of activity from all your projects so you always know where things stand
  • Gain an extra day of productivity each week with all the information and research you need in one place. Control what information you see and quickly find exactly what you need with searching, sorting, and filtering options
  • View smart Kanban displays of your tasks and your projects to monitor status and progress
  • Use project Gantt charts automatically generated by the system based on your workflows, your rules engine and steps taken so everyone on your team can see the same visual representation of project progress over time
  • Get answers from internal experts with a built-in Q & A window where you can ping your project colleagues for answers to your pressing questions
  • Analyze data across all projects and labs to optimize resources for maximum throughput
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"When I log in to Alchemy I can immediately see where each project is and tell our CEO the disposition of every project at any time."

- Jerry Powers, Technical Director, Chromaflo

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