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Accelerate your digital transformation


Digitize your core business processes

Streamlining the processes between your lab, technical service and sales is key to unlocking growth. Alchemy’s Chemistry Acceleration Software is the easiest way for specialty chemicals companies to accelerate their digital transformation. Our software is 100% customizable so we can match your current processes exactly.

Online access to all your data in an easily searchable database, automated alerts and notifications, built-in collaboration tools. Your customized digital processes enable your cross functional teams to work more efficiently every moment of every day.


Customize every process in Alchemy to match your exact workflows and data requirements


Move your processes from numerous disconnected analog and digital tools to a fully-integrated online solution


Start with just one lab or process and then expand across labs, business units and geographies

Learn more about how Alchemy’s Chemistry Acceleration Software helps specialty chemicals companies succeed on their digital transformation journey.

  • Set up every digital process to match your current or desired process - exactly
  • Build a digital library of project and process-related data to manage operations and optimize your processes
  • Eliminate double data entry and unnecessary status entry by having your whole team on the same digital page
  • Get real-time status and visibility into every project or process across every lab by step, priority, chemistry, end market, customer, chemist, sales person or any metric important to your business
  • Get an electronic audit-trail of every workflow step and activity performed
  • Run real-time reports across any data collected and stored in Alchemy
  • Integrate your data and processes with other systems
  • Build and reference a single source of truth for every project across lab teams, sales, and technical service
  • Access the status of all the work in your lab from any device
  • Get notified automatically when it’s your turn to contribute to a project, your project moves forward, or one of your team members has a question
  • Analyze data across all projects and labs to optimize resources for maximum throughput
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"You don’t have to change anything about your work processes with Alchemy; they matched our processes perfectly. Leveraging their Integrated Digital Lab solution, we follow the same procedures we always have, but now all of the data from both our lab team and machines is captured electronically directly in Alchemy."

- Jadel Baptista, Technical Director, DCL

“Turning Digital to Dollars
in the Coatings Industry”

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