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Customize everything
to match your unique processes - exactly


Software that keeps pace with your business

Our point-and-click Customization Center gives you full control to customize everything in Alchemy to match your exact forms, exact data, exact processes, exact reports, and exact business rules with just a few clicks. Easily change any field, name, workflow or report as your business evolves - without hiring engineers or consultants.

Don’t want to do this yourself? That’s ok too. We have Customer Success Managers who can take care of this for you.

Match Your Data

Our field library lets you define every piece of data important to your business

Match Your Processes

Our customizable digital process builder is the most advanced and flexible in the industry

Match Your Business

Administrative controls and roles let you control what each user can access and do within the platform

Learn about how our Total Control Customization Center makes Alchemy the most flexible and advanced business process workflow software in the chemicals industry

  • Define all of the data that’s important for your business in the Alchemy Field Library
  • Set up every digital process to match your current or desired process - exactly
  • Customize what each screen looks like for your users
  • Control what each user can see, do, edit or update
  • Tailor Alchemy for each lab, team and department
  • Create custom reports to get insight on every aspect of your digital processes
  • Notify executives and managers of important events with alerts and notifications
  • Automate steps to reduce manual data entry and human error, speed processes and increase capacity
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"You don’t have to change anything about your work processes with Alchemy; they matched our processes perfectly. Leveraging their Integrated Digital Lab solution, we follow the same procedures we always have, but now all of the data from both our lab team and machines is captured electronically directly in Alchemy."

- Jadel Baptista, Technical Director, DCL

“Turning Digital to Dollars
in the Coatings Industry”

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