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The Software Platform to Enable the Future of Plastics & Packaging

Ensure your tech stack supports the next generation of packaging innovation

Alchemy is the all-in-one platform that digitizes lab data and runs artificial intelligence on that digital information to accelerate innovation and product development. The Alchemy platform requires no coding, leaving you able to focus fully on perfecting your formulations–not on data capture or software development.

Alchemy combines all the functions you need in the most comprehensive platform available to plastics and packaging companies:

Digitize processes and improve collaboration across functions–lab teams, research, new product development, application testing, analytical testing, technical service, sales, product marketing, compliance, and management.

Platform Capabilities

  • Get current projects moving faster. No more siloed data sources that lead to errors and delays. Alchemy integrates all your data for informed decision making.
  • Build a database of clean AI-ready data to speed up future projects. Centrally store and easily access all your functional and technical requirements, formulations database, materials database, process files, quality data, reports, and customer feedback.
  • Run design of experiments (DOE) and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce unnecessary testing cycles and speed formulating work.
  • Easily pull cost and other data from ERP and send final formulations to pull cost and other data from your ERP and send final recipes back.
  • Connect innovation and marketing initiatives for new products with research and development and product development teams. The “why” of a project is never lost in the transfer of information.
  • Simplify your IT stack to go from lots of outdated, disconnected software tools, XLS files, Word templates and email to a single, integrated, next generation platform.

Plastics & Packaging Features

  • Phase out production of single-use plastics in existing products by digitizing formulation creation, to easily search and visualize project status and find step by step instructions on how to replicate previous formulas.
  • Easily track samples and compare test results to determine optimal formulations and processing for new products or to replace existing plastic formulations with new biodegradable or recyclable materials.
  • Capture and analyze quality and analytical tests like FTIR, DSC/TGA, mechanical properties, thermal analysis, and more.
  • Generate technical specifications like raw material characterization and formulation blending, for a seamless transition to scale up.
  • Perform recyclability testing to evaluate the environmental impact of your product.
  • Link customer feedback back to the original project so reformulation and product optimization is data-driven.

Business Process Optimization

  • Accelerate innovation with easy point-and-click access to historical test methods, so new R&D, product development and custom product development work doesn’t start from scratch in the lab.
  • Accelerate sales with a digital product catalog that is searchable by any combination of functional and technical specs. Sales can quickly identify which samples to send ensuring they all actually work for the customer’s intended use. Utilize a timely system-driven customer feedback process for all samples sent. Establish a digital connection to technical service and the lab, so all customer needs that require cross functional work can be efficiently executed.
  • Accelerate service with complete custom material formulation, process parameters, and/or testing requirements up front, for more efficient digital lab processes and more effective resource allocation and project prioritization.
  • Transform how your teams collaborate with built-in collaboration tools and real-time updates for every person involved in a process or specific project.
  • Simplify compliance and ensure processes are standardized during the development of your energy technology with online workflows, online audit trails, and documentation that make certifications and audits a breeze.
  • Experience the power of full digital transformation with real-time reports and insights across your lab teams, metrology, R&D, NPD, technical service, sales, product marketing, compliance and management.

Proven Results

Example one:
Here’s how one Alchemy polymer customer has accelerated product development through lab digitalization and data-driven project scoring

Average New Product Development Shrank YoY by:


Average Lab Work Request Duration Shrank YoY by:


Completed 31% more projects

Example two:
This Alchemy customer is now able to digitize its quality control process to reduce rework and speed time per project and automate data capture, analysis, and reporting. An example of their results after using Alchemy includes increased throughput and reduction of retest work.

Test time per QC project decreased by:


Retest work decreased by:


Reduced total cost of QC testing by 61%

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"Alchemy provides so much more than our old Biovia and Sharepoint systems. Alchemy makes it easy to track work across our core processes, so we can shorten individual steps and accelerate our time to market."

- Jerry Powers, Product Development Manager, Chromaflo