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The Integrated Lab OS for Next-Generation Energy Companies

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Enabling energy breakthroughs at scale

Performance and sustainability are major cornerstones for the development of new energy technology, and the ability to quickly understand and improve both will separate winners in the industry.  Alchemy is accelerating product development and commercialization efforts with our all-in-one digital platform for battery, energy storage, and advanced materials companies. 

By automatically capturing, organizing, and integrating data across the entire organizational flow in one place (from R&D all the way through pilot, scale up and commercialization), our customers are able to quickly gain insights, deploy ML, and make improvements within a comprehensive view. The no-code platform is embedded with AI, which means you are able to move fast and adapt to the changing needs of your industry and business.

Use the Alchemy platform for the ability to:

  • Fully understand material properties as they relate to product performance
  • Automatically parse and analyze complex data sets (XRD, cycle, performance)
  • Centralize and correlate all R&D and product development data
  • Automatically manage QC data & inventory
  • Scale insights to production

What’s Included in Alchemy 

Alchemy serves battery, energy storage, renewable energy, carbon capture, metals & minerals, and recycling technology companies by providing all the functionality you need in a single, flexible platform. It is customized to meet the specific needs of the energy segment.

Key features include:

Solving Your Problems 

Product and process improvements are driven by the ability to analyze material properties, specific process parameters, and how they each affect product performance. Quality, reproducibility, and manufacturing at scale are impaired without knowing how specific outcomes are achieved. Alchemy provides the functionality to leverage vast amounts of data, gain insights quickly, and improve over time. Trust Alchemy to help you:

  • Reproduce material and product performance instantly
  • Adapt to changing business needs 
  • Improve data integrity and availability
  • Accelerate validation of new materials and technology
  • Integrate data through: R&D > Product Development > Production > QC > BD & Sales
  • Build best practices across all labs
  • Reduce waste

Proven Results

Example one:
An EV battery company saw a significant time reduction in high throughput analytical testing with automated data processing and sample prioritization:

Hours (per wk) spent before Alchemy


Hours (per wk) spent after Alchemy


Total reduction in testing time 18.57%

Example two:
A growing battery company improved data analysis speed by integrating with their Manufacturing Execution System and enabling instant data search:

Data analysis time (per wk) before Alchemy

1,200 hours

Data analysis time (per wk) after Alchemy

 1,087 hours

Hours saved per week 113 hours

Example three:
Another Alchemy customer - a conductive polymer manufacturer - saw a dramatic improvement in QC efficiency:

QC project duration before Alchemy

10.4 days

QC project duration after deploying Alchemy

4.1 days

Total reduction in QC project time 60.58%

Just as we did for these energy & advanced materials customers we want to help you achieve all your product development and commercialization goals.

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"Alchemy provides so much more than our old Biovia and Sharepoint systems. Alchemy makes it easy to track work across our core processes, so we can shorten individual steps and accelerate our time to market."

- Jerry Powers, Product Development Manager, Chromaflo