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Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers (CASE)

The Integrated Lab OS for leaders in the CASE industry

Accelerate innovation and improve customer satisfaction

With heightened demand for faster turnaround times, more resilient alternative raw material strategies and the need to develop eco-friendly products, Coatings, Adhesives, Sealants, and Elastomers (CASE) companies are looking to digitization, especially in their laboratories, as the solution to these competitive pressures.

The Alchemy platform helps customers modernize how their teams develop, service and monetize their products. Our next generation software enables R&D, technical service, and application development teams to optimize their end-to-end product development, sales and service processes making all these steps faster and more efficient.

Trust the Alchemy platform to:

  • Digitize processes and collaboration across functions creating a centralized lab data repository, inclusive of formulations, test results, work requests and projects coming down the pipe
  • Accelerate material development and/or project turnaround with easy point-and-click access to historical bench work, meaning new R&D, product development, and custom formulation work doesn't start from scratch
  • Improve service with complete custom formulation, application and/or testing requirements upfront, more efficient digital lab processes and more effective resource allocation and project prioritization
  • Simplify your IT stack by moving from various outdated, disconnected software tools, Excel files, Word templates and email, to a single, integrated platform
  • Transform how your teams communication with built-in collaboration tools and real-time updates for every person involved in a process or specific project around the globe
  • Simplify compliance by ensuring SOPs are followed every time
  • Provide real-time reports and insights across your lab teams, R&D, NPD, technical service, sales, product marketing, compliance and management
  • Enterprise-grade security, scalability and performance. Alchemy is built on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) world-class cloud infrastructure, a mature cloud platform specifically designed for the unique scalability, security, compliance, privacy, and governance requirements

What’s Included in Alchemy

Alchemy provides lab staff and their leadership all the functionality you need in a no-code, flexible platform. It is customized to meet the specific needs of the CASE segment.

Key features include:

Solving Your Problems

  1. Lab projects no longer have to start from scratch! Easy to access database of all legacy lab work with granular details on formulations and their corresponding performance testing results
  2. No more guessing about project status, who's working on what, or anticipated due date. Track project progress by region, market segment, technology platform or even specific chemist, with the ability to gain insight / make adjustments accordingly
  3. Stop spending days or even weeks to prepare for internal or external audits. Establish a more structured, simple-to-audit set of SOPs that help cut project times, ease training of new staff and reduce audit turnaround times to hours rather than weeks.

Proven Results

Example one:
Here’s how one Alchemy CASE customer has accelerated product development through lab digitalization and data-driven project scoring.

Average New Product Development Shrank YoY by:


Average Lab Work Request Duration Shrank YoY by:


Completed 31% more projects

Example two:
Sample creation and testing before Alchemy for a leading additives, inks, and adhesives manufacturer.

Sample creation and testing before Alchemy

30 hours

Retest work decreased by:

6 hours

Total reduction in testing time: 80%

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Just as we did for these customers, we want to help you achieve all your product development and commercialization goals.

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"Alchemy provides so much more than our old Biovia and Sharepoint systems. Alchemy makes it easy to track work across our core processes, so we can shorten individual steps and accelerate our time to market."

- Jerry Powers, Product Development Manager, Chromaflo