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The Integrated Lab OS for Building Materials Companies

Powering Cost Improvement and Sustainability Initiatives for the Building Materials Industry

Demands for cost reduction, performance improvement, constructability, and sustainability in the building materials supply chain signal that change is the new normal. Companies are tackling these demands with innovative new formulations like tiny nanoscale particles of titanium dioxide in concrete to improve carbon absorbtion and meet customer demand. Or, by the use of bioplastics derived from plant, animal, fungal, and bacterial sources. 

To fuel these kinds of innovations while also improving innovation, agility, and efficiency in their operations, materials companies are turning to digital strategies for greater connectivity between raw material suppliers, building material producers, and end customers.  Central to this strategy is the digitization and connection of the materials testing labs that drive the development and qualification of materials. 

To aid in efficiently tackling these challenges, Alchemy is accelerating cost reduction, sustainability, and product development efforts with our all-in-one LabOS digital platform. By automatically capturing, organizing, and integrating data across the entire organizational flow from R&D to End Use– our customers are able to quickly search for the right information when they need it, manage testing workflows, hit deadlines, and make product and process improvements. Our no-code platform features embedded AI, enabling you to move fast and adapt to the changing requirements of your industry.

Use the Alchemy platform for the ability to:

  • Fully understand and catalog material properties as they relate to product performance
  • Automatically parse and analyze complex data sets (XRD, SEM/EDS, calorimetry, durability)
  • Leverage Data Sharing with internal systems (ERP, Batch Schedulers, Sales CRM and Bidding)
  • Enhance Collaboration with End Customers (BIM, Material Qualification Reporting)
  • Deploy AI solutions that are specific to your materials and products for sustainable competitive advantage

What’s Included in Alchemy

Alchemy serves cement, aggregate, concrete, asphalt, brick, and construction companies by providing all the functionality you need in a single, flexible platform. It is customized to meet the specific needs of the building materials industry.

Key features include:

Solving Your Problems

Cost improvements and product innovation are driven by the ability to analyze and compare material properties, determine how to best meet performance specifications, and save on rework and retesting. Quality, consistency, and profit margins at scale are impaired if your organization doesn’t know how specific outcomes are achieved. Alchemy provides the functionality to gather, organize, and leverage vast amounts of data, re-use previous experiments, make high impact decisions quickly, predict formulations, and implement a digitization strategy that fits your needs.

Trust Alchemy to help you:

  • Reproduce material and product performance instantly
  • Adapt to changing business needs 
  • Improve data integrity and availability
  • Accelerate validation of new materials and technology
  • Integrate data through: R&D > Product Development > Production > QC > BD & Sales
  • Build best practices across labs in your organization
  • Reduce waste 

Proven Results

Example one:

Technical Service Team Efficiency Improvement:A regional raw material producer saw dramatic improvements in their Technical Service Group by automating requests and reporting, reducing retest work, and ultimately increasing

Retesting Effort Reduction:

Retest Work Effort (per project) before Alchemy:

67 tests

Retest Work Effort (per project) after Alchemy:

29 tests

% Reduction in Analysis Time 56.7%

Tech Service Turnaround Time Improvement:

Tech Service Request Time (per project) before Alchemy:

10.5 days

Tech Service Request Time (per project) after Alchemy:

4.2 days

% Reduction in Analysis Time 60.4%

Example two:

Materials Qualification and QC Automation:

A global material provider transformed their specialized and high effort materials characterization and performance testing through automated instrument integration and data analysis to achieve better insights:

Characterization time (per test) before Alchemy:

16 hours

Characterization time (per test) after Alchemy:

0.5 hours

% Reduction in Analysis Time 96%

Example three:

Faster New Product Development through AI:

Another global material provider’s product development team leveraged AI to speed up material development and qualification, achieving a dramatic improvement over legacy material designs:

Digital Implementation of AI into Company Success

Material Development Time (per material) before Alchemy:

30 hours

Product Development Time (per material) after Alchemy:

6 hours

% Reduction in Development Time 80%

Just as we did for these materials producers we want to help you achieve all your product development and commercialization goals.

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"Alchemy provides so much more than our old Biovia and Sharepoint systems. Alchemy makes it easy to track work across our core processes, so we can shorten individual steps and accelerate our time to market."

- Jerry Powers, Product Development Manager, Chromaflo