New Plastics and Packaging AE Joins Alchemy


Alchemy hires new plastics and packaging exec to help our customers tackle the biggest challenges in the industry

The severity and impact of climate change are causing countries around the world to introduce new packaging regulations like the elimination of single-use plastics, full recyclability, and mandatory recycling. At the same time, consumer demand has skyrocketed for sustainable alternatives. In response, traditional plastics companies and startups alike are developing innovative new materials such as bioplastics for use in a variety of applications.  

But here’s the challenge. Plastics are phenomenally popular due to their diverse material properties, such as strength to weight ratio, flexibility, permeability, and several other unique characteristics. Broad-scale adoption of greener alternatives required that they perform equally well on these dimensions while contributing to a circular economy

Here’s where Alchemy comes in. To help our clients in the plastics and packaging industry tackle these challenges, we have hired Keri Keinath as our Plastics & Packaging Account Executive. 

Keri earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Engineering Sciences from Michigan State University. She first worked as a Design Engineer at the Facility for Rare Isotope Beams funded by the U.S. Department of Energy. She went on to work for American Elements as a Sales Engineer for customers in defense, aerospace, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and government. Her experience includes working with polymer chemists and researchers whom she helped identify custom material solutions for research, development, and full-scale production of new end products.

Keri has always been interested in climate change and eager to contribute to solutions, which is why she has chosen to focus her efforts on plastics and packaging at Alchemy. Her mission is to connect researchers and chemists to new technology to help them streamline and accelerate R&D projects to get their products to market faster. 

Keri can be reached at and more information about Alchemy’s Plastics & Packaging solution can be found here.
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