Mowilex chooses Alchemy


Award-winning paints & coatings innovator chooses Alchemy

Mowilex, based in Indonesia, is an award-winning manufacturer of sustainable, bio-derived, water-based, low/zero volatile organic compound (VOC), and lead-free paints and coatings. They recently selected Alchemy as their new product development platform due to our strong performance in 3 key areas:
1. Mowilex pinpointed the Alchemy platform’s configurability to their way of working as a key value differentiator relative to alternative Electronic Lab Notebook and Laboratory Information Management System suppliers
2. The IT team of Mowilex was looking for an API-first Software as a Service solution that, like their newly implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, was also cloud native
3. Our teams shared a common belief that one of the most impactful ways to help Mowilex achieve their ambitious sustainability goals is by leveraging Alchemy’s Embedded AI capabilities to help reduce starting point formulations and reduce test cycles

PT. Mowilex Indonesia is a subsidiary of Asia Coatings Enterprises, Pte. Ltd. Since launching the first Indonesian-made, water-based paints in 1970, the community-minded company has expanded its commitment to environmental ethics, equality and innovation. PT Mowilex is Indonesia's only certified carbon-neutral manufacturer, producing zero- and low-VOC paints in modern colors, and the company regularly earns awards for its corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts.

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