Alchemy is a Silicon Valley-based software company comprised of chemists and engineers. Alchemy is our collective pursuit of a better way to develop, sell and service value-added chemistry.

Our chemists have consistent first-hand experience doing hypothesis-driven lab work. Does the process below sound familiar?

  • Receive a lab work request via email, often accompanied by reference files.
  • Use Excel heavily during the formulation, characterization, and testing
    phases of a project.
  • For a subset of data, run analyses in statistical software.
  • Along the way, keep notes in a paper lab notebook.
  • Copy a subset data and analyses from Excel, statistical software, and chemical drawing software into legacy electronic lab notebook software.
  • Copy a subset of all of the above data into MS Word to create a final report.
  • Store the report on the LAN, often as a PDF.

For chemists, this process is inefficient, error prone, inconsistent, and makes collaborating extremely challenging. Pieces of data are everywhere and all data is nowhere.

For chemicals companies, this process is expensive, long, and opaque. On top, valuable lab data is inconsistently captured and much is effectively lost with every transfer from tool to tool. This makes it impossible for chemists or AI to get value from lab data at scale.

Chemists and chemicals companies deserve better.

Alchemy is designed to accelerate product development and service delivery. For the first time, chemicals companies can address speed, cost, and visibility across lab operations while also building the digital data repository on which to analyze their data at scale.

We plan to use this blog as a forum to share our insights as a trusted partner to our innovative customers who are on the leading edge of digital transformation in their labs. We look forward to sharing this exciting journey with you.

The Alchemists.

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