The Context

More than just a chance to have fun, play is serious business when it comes to our developmental journeys from infants to adulthood. Activities which to most of us ‘serious professionals’ might now seem a waste were once the cornerstone of enriching our young minds and bodies. Beyond fun, play also taught us the value of working together - remember that one epic sandcastle you built with siblings, parents or friends way back when?! - to accomplish goals that alone were simply out of reach.

While we have not yet mastered the time machine, we have devised an interesting alternative, dubbed the “Alchemy Demo Sandbox”, which allows select specialty chemical and material science organizations to experience the power of play directly in our workflow-driven Lab Operating System.

What is the Alchemy Demo Sandbox program, how does it work, who is involved and why should I care?

  • WHAT - A time boxed opportunity to experience, in a hands-on way, the speed and ease with which we roll out a company-specific workflow during the trial.
  • WHY - People cannot grasp how software can be completely tailored, on a continual basis, for their processes, people and products.
  • WHO - Sandboxes consist of 4-8 users from across Tech Service, R&D, QC and IT. Diversity of function is important to illustrate Alchemy’s use across the enterprise.
  • HOW - The trial period includes dedicated Alchemy resources that guide the evaluation team through a nimble, outcome focused curriculum of platform training and work execution.

Key Outcomes

While still short of a luxurious trip to the beach (remember when that was a thing?), we’ve seen amazing traction during the trial runs in our virtual sandbox. Companies from all over the world, ranging from specialty additive and resin manufacturers to end-formulation coatings and cosmetics suppliers, have participated in the program, experiencing first hand the value that play can bring to their daily work:

“Translating what was learned during the one-on-one sessions and actually doing it in Alchemy was awesome.”

-  Coatings Application Expert

“Seeing that materials created in the system can be dynamically linked to create TDS/SDSs is a game changer.”

- Additives QC Technician

“The best experience was how detailed the live demos were. I rarely see such quality in a full rollout, much less a trial.”

-  Cosmetics IT Vice President

“Easy to understand system with tremendous flexibility and industry-specific workflows - the upside here is undeniable.”

- Coatings R&D Director

The Demo Sandbox provides a unique window into Alchemy’s flexibility, helping teams experience, in a hands on way, the power of tools tailor made for their role. Moving beyond mere product, the committed Alchemy Customer Success resources driving the two week training allows prospective customers to experience what a relationship with Alchemy is all about.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Alchemy Demo Sandbox program, feel free to reach out here or contact us directly at with any questions you may have.

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