Lab and technical service work is mission-critical and core to every chemical company’s operations - servicing products that are in market drives sales today and new product development is the engine of future revenue.

ELN Challenges Today. Many chemists do their work with the support of Microsoft Excel and paper lab notebooks. They copy and paste key data tables and charts into their legacy electronic lab notebook software (ELN) as their permanent record. Usually the data sits behind an obscure project name that often only that particular chemist knows or an auto-generated number that provides a few high-level clues about the product category or project type. 

The challenges of this are that:

  • Information contained in data tables is often not searchable
  • Processing information is missing requiring reformulating
  • Test data is missing requiring retesting
  • Critical decisions, manager reviews and feedback often happen in email, so are not captured 

Alchemy is a Better ELN Experience. At Alchemy we have a different vision for this entire ELN experience. We enable companies to connect opportunities to formulations and technical data across the lifecycle of the project. Out of the gate, all work resides in one digital space that enables opportunity assessment, project prioritization, staffing, a detailed plan of action, formulating, characterization, testing, analysis, and reporting.

The benefits of Alchemy’s ELN are:

  • Easy search of across historical body of work
  • Reuse of formulation and test data prevents rework
  • Improved customer responsiveness to support sales today
  • Faster time to revenue on new products tomorrow
  • Real-time status of all lab work in the system that is complete and automated
  • AI-ready data at scale 

What’s Coming in December? We know that seemingly small features can make a big difference when formulating. So in addition to being able to yield and normalize your formulations, we are enhancing your ability to formulate in our ELN with two new viewing modes:

  • Highlight mode so you can easily see what has changed 
  • Delta mode so you can easily see how much has changed

Highlight Mode

Highlight mode allows Chemists to more easily see which ingredient amounts and/or test results are different (as represented in bold font) relative to the reference or control which is the data in the first column.

Delta Mode

Delta mode allows Chemists to more easily see how much ingredient amounts and/or test results have changed relative to their reference or control in the first column. Delta mode automatically calculates the numerical difference. 


As we have said before in a previous blog post on ELN, having analytical tools built right into your ELN allows you to formulate, test, analyze, and chart the resulting data at the click of a button. Imagine being able to visualize characterization or performance data directly at the point of data capture? No more copying and pasting, no more multiple tools, no more moving tables and charts from file to file and saving versions of them on your laptop, the LAN and in legacy ELN. Instead, everything - the data, the tools, the charts, and the repository - is consolidated in one. Happy formulating!

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