Alchemy is pleased to announce the addition of two new customers to its roster—Blue Current, a solid-state battery company based in Hayward, California, and Paptic, a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging manufacturer based in Espoo, Finland.

Alchemy was chosen as the perfect solution for these two very different companies because of its highly customizable digital lab management solution. Their tool, which comprises elements of Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) and Formulation Software, is built specifically to help materials science and specialty chemical companies modernize how they work. Both companies are relative newcomers in their respective industries, but have recognized the importance of early investment in digital lab infrastructure.

“We are thrilled that more startups and scale-ups are recognizing lab data management isn't just something ‘the big guys’ need to worry about. Though it is an investment of time and (sometimes limited) capital, both of these firms understand this investment can pay major dividends as it helps them leverage speed—in addition to their sustainability angles—as a competitive advantage against larger more established players.”

- Zack Woods, Head of Sales at Alchemy

Formerly utilizing Excel spreadsheets and a standalone electronic lab notebook with limited R&D capabilities, Blue Current will be using Alchemy as a “one-stop-shop” to connect their R&D teams to the downstream Analytical and Testing divisions as well as to facilitate commercialization of their technology by capturing purchase-ready data in one place.

Also heavily reliant on Excel (which slowed down approvals and made data hard to find), Paptic will be utilizing Alchemy’s platform to streamline the process by which projects are initiated, managed, executed and delivered to current and potential clients. Alchemy will enable this scale-up business to better leverage the insights from experiments and accelerate the development and sale of their products. 

While both of these growing companies are looking forward to having a system that unifies the various aspects of their technical work and helps facilitate getting their products to market, Alchemy is looking forward to partnering with more companies who are addressing and solving problems present in our everyday lives. From safe and renewable battery technology to environmentally friendly, waste-reducing plastic alternatives and everything in between, Alchemy’s platform powers the digital lab of the future. 

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