2021 was another very exciting and eventful year at Alchemy. From an HR standpoint, we grew the team by 80%. In that process, you might wonder, where are we when it comes to gender equity and inclusion? 

Well, let’s start with some data. These are our latest stats: 45% female / 53% male / 2% other. We are still doing well. Can we do better? Always! 

It’s tough to keep this ratio at 50/50, especially in this industry. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion aren’t  something you just achieve overnight and put to the side. We’re on a mission. We continuously strive. It’s something that’s written in our company’s DNA and that each and every employee truly values. 

We love this year’s International Women’s Day Theme - Break the Bias. Alchemy is fully committed to being a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization, and to breaking the bias. 

Our first Machine Learning Engineer, our first Customer Success Manager, our first Product Manager, first Design of Experiments Expert, our Head of Product Marketing and our VP of Finance - are all exceptional female Alchemists who have enriched our corporate chemistry. 

Empowering female multi-talents is a part of our culture, it is rooted in our values and we have proven this many times, across all functions. We will start sharing these stories in upcoming blog posts as we gear up for an even bigger recruiting year in 2022. 

We’re also very happy to announce that we will be rolling out a new global DE&I initiative. We will work with Alchemists from each country where we operate to help us define what DE&I means in that location and determine how we can be better at spreading the word about it both locally and across our global teams.

International Women’s Day goes beyond one day, one community, one company, or one country. Alchemy will continue to keep the values of IWD uppermost in the hiring and running of our company.

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