Many things happened last year that drastically changed our "normal" and, in our case, challenged the notion of what “workplace” is. We have grown as a company, transitioned all of our employees to work from home until further notice, and established a new office, in a completely new country – Brazil. 

We sat down and analyzed our data for the previous year to see how well we have done. We mentioned last year that we take a lot of pride in the fact that we have almost 50/50 gender representation at Alchemy. 

As a company, we believe that gender balance is important, we have always tracked this data and we report on it quarterly. So, where are we now? We are still hovering at 49% female and 51% male! In my humble HR opinion, I would say that this means that a) we are still doing a good job as a company and b) we have a reputation for being welcoming to all. 

This year’s International Women’s Day Theme is “Choose to Challenge.” As our HR Lead, a great example is not recruiting on stereotypes. We have exceptional female developers that don't necessarily have a computer science degree or the same personality traits as their male peers. Regardless, we genuinely look beyond conventional profiles and give everyone a chance if we see both the potential and the desire to learn and grow. 

Today, on March 8, four new people are joining Alchemy! I don't remember the last time we had that many people join on a single day. Two female and two male. What a great way to celebrate this important day!

Moving forward, one of our HR objectives for 2021, like for all functions, is to become more data-driven. Let's see in a year how this will positively impact our diversity and inclusion mission at Alchemy.

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