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5 Reasons NOT to Invest in a LIMS

Yes, a sales guy telling you why you shouldn’t spend your money! Watch our head of sales, Zack Woods, talk candidly about why companies should NOT consider buying a LIMS as the next step of their digital journeys.
April 8, 2021, 11:30-12:00 ET
Zachary Woods
Head of Sales
Alchemy Cloud

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What are the 5 reasons?

1. Lack of strategy
2. Lack of champion network
3. Lack of a POV / Pilot framework 
4. Lack of external transparency
5. Lack of IT buy-in

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Purpose of Webinar

There's a tremendous amount of focus in our industry around the question, “Which LIMS is the ‘right’ one for us?” For good reason - this decision is critical to ensuring R&D, Technical Service, Application Testing and Quality are playing from the same sheet of music.

However, there is a massive assumption baked into the question from above… Throughout our years of helping drive the so-called digital transformation for companies in the Coatings, Color, Cosmetics and Additives spaces, we’ve learned that some organizations simply are not at the stage where selecting a LIMS is their best next step.
In this session, we'll share the top 5 reasons companies like yours should NOT consider buying a LIMS as the next step of their digital journeys. If you or your organization are on the fence about “going digital” in the lab, tune in to this webinar to ensure you have all 5 of these reasons addressed beforehand.