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Get a holistic view of your commercialization processes from product development through sales and service delivery


Lead your company and teams with confidence

Get real-time metrics, reports and dashboards across all of your product development, sales and service processes. Visualize trends across processes, labs, products, tests, and lab instruments. Identify issues and opportunities for improvement that will help you improve cycle time, increase lab capacity, and increase conversion on new business by getting to accurate chemistry faster.


Get real-time visibility into every project and process with online reports


See the full picture by unifying historically siloed data


Leverage deep insights into your operations, customer needs and product feedback

Learn how Alchemy’s online reporting and Integrated Analytics software help specialty chemicals companies get new insight into your business and give you the data you need to continuously improve operations.

  • Report and analyze every aspect of your product development, sales and service processes with easy-to-customize reports and dashboards
  • Get end-to-end visibility, from first contact to final formula
  • Get an integrated view of your lab with reports that bring together information from your lab notebook, instruments, and other systems
  • Get executive status updates and reports in a single click
  • View smart Kanban displays of your tasks and your projects to monitor status and progress
  • Use project Gantt charts automatically generated by the system based on your workflows, your rules engine and steps taken so everyone on your team can see the same visual representation of project progress over time
  • Get deep insights into productivity with out-of-the-box reports that include conversion rate on samples, conversion rate on lab work requests, effort spent analyses, process and project turnaround time and time tracking of tasks
  • Unlock business insight from data that has historically been siloed in functions or stuck in single-purpose software
  • Provide for continuity beyond the tenure of current employees
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"I love Alchemy’s vision for predictive formulation, mobile lab reporting, voice memos, notes - all of it! Capturing all of our current chemistry data digitally gives us the right foundation to be able to take advantage of all the new capabilities Alchemy is building."

- Jerry Powers, Technical Director, Chromaflo

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