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Unleashing (more) Power with Alchemy and Microsoft Power BI

The importance of data-driven decision making is growing, so Alchemy partnered with Power BI to combine lab information...

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The Future of Formulating Happens in Alchemy

The Future of Formulating, where chemists get the Excel-like flexibility they love minus the data wrangling...

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Tailor Workflows & Templates with the Configuration Portal

Using a simple drag and drop GUI, our customers can create, modify and optimize their lab workflows...

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Overcoming Challenge of Cultural Resistance to Digital Adoption

From our Formulating With Courage series, Evonik’s Chief Digital Officer, Henrik Hahn, shares specific tactics to help overcome...

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External Collaboration w/ Shared Records from Alchemy 📩

Check out one of our latest features helping to get all that valuable product and process knowledge...

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Getting More from CRM, Alchemy to Salesforce Integration

Experience firsthand how Alchemy’s API-first architecture enables seamless connectivity to existing systems...

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