How to log an effort for a Task?

Published on:
November 27, 2020

From Navigation

Using this way to enter the effort is allowing you to manipulate the date when the effort was spent opposed to the other method from My Tasks

1. Click on the specific task in the Navigation

2. When Task panel opens, scroll a bit down to Effort Spent section

3. Click on the "Add first/new effort spent entry"

4. Click on the 0h placeholder and write your effort spent in hours

5. Click on the blank surface on the screen and your effort will appear in brackets

6. You can change the date by clicking on it

7. The calendar pop-up will appear where you can choose the date

8. Choose the date

For more information check Chapter 3.6.1 Tasks Management Area in User Manual.

From My Tasks

1. Click My Tasks button 

2. The pop-window will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen

3. Click the plus button to add your effort 

4. Write the number (it is calculated in hours)

5. Confirm it using the Check button 

6. The total number will appear in the brackets