How to import from file?

Published on:
November 27, 2020

1. Only the .csv file can be imported into Alchemy. In order to import it, first, you need to download the template. 

2. Click three dots and Import from File

3. In order to download the template click "click here". If your CS Manager already sent you the template you can start from the 7th step.

4. Open the template in Excel, or Google Sheet and fill in the fields you want to import

5. Keep in mind that the first row must not be edited! Enter your data from the second row and further.

6. Once you fill in the file, save it as a .csv file.

7. Go back to Alchemy and click three dots and Import from File

8. Click Import button

9. Choose your file and import it

10. Fields will be filled in after import is done