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DCC Lansco Customer Case Study


DCC LANSCO’s digital transformation investment has improved agility and shortened Technical Service and Quality Control cycles with Alchemy’s Integrated Digital Lab software

DCC LANSCO’s digital transformation strategy is off to a great start at Rhode Island Technical Center. Within the first two months of launching its integrated digital lab using Alchemy’s Chemistry Acceleration software, DCC LANSCO saw dramatic results.

The DCC LANSCO technical service team was more agile turning requests from sales around faster and are able to provide comprehensive reporting for all projects completed in its U.S. technical center at the click of a button. The tech service lab team still follows their exact same process, but all formulation and test data is captured electronically in Alchemy.

In addition, data is pulled directly from the lab’s spectrophotometer into Alchemy, significantly reducing time consuming data reentry.

Running a digital lab with Alchemy is the first step of our digital transformation strategy. Some of our originally reluctant users are now championing Alchemy to others because it is so easy to use, automates time-intensive manual processes, and captures all of their tests electronically.”

- Jadel Baptista, Technical Director, DCC LANSCO

DCC LANSCO at a glance

  • Global HQ in Toronto, Canada. 300 employees.
  • DCC LANSCO has been in operation for over 100 years and has a long history of innovation.
  • Focus: DCC LANSCO supplies the coatings, inks, plastics and construction markets with pigments through a large network of sales representatives, supported by an in-house sales and technical teams.

DCC LANSCO success highlights using Alchemy’s digital lab solution:

  • Since rolling out Alchemy, the North American technical service team at DCC LANSCO has reduced paperwork, stopped the duplication of lab work, and now have an electronic database of all lab tests and work in one place.
  • The teams didn’t have to change the way they work at all, and using Alchemy they now have all of their lab work captured electronically in Alchemy, instead of in spreadsheets and buried deep in hard-to-find files.
  • DCC LANSCO is now running an integrated digital lab, with measurements from the lab’s spectrophotometer now coming directly into Alchemy’s integrated digital lab solution.
  • DCC LANSCO has taken their technical service to an even higher level: they now respond to customer requests even faster and provide comprehensive Sample Evaluation Reports directly from Alchemy.
  • Saves 50% of the time to create each Sample Evaluation Report.
  • Up next: DCC LANSCO plans to extend Alchemy to all of their technical service labs globally.

"It used to take me a full day to consolidate all the data and write up a sample evaluation report for internal and external customers. Now, with the use of Alchemy, it has lessened the time to complete a report by perhaps 50%. With the aid of Alchemy, for the first time in years, I am able to see my desk."

- Gilda Paul, Lab Manager, DCC LANSCO

"You don’t have to change anything about your work processes with Alchemy; they matched our processes perfectly. Leveraging their Integrated Digital Lab solution, we follow the same procedures we always have, but now all of the data from both our lab team and machines is captured electronically directly in Alchemy."

- Jadel Baptista, Technical Director, DCC LANSCO

"Alchemy is now mission-critical for our lab work. Alchemy ensures ISO processes are followed and captures the data we need to show for compliance."

-  Jadel Baptista, Technical Director, DCC LANSCO