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In Celebration of International Women's Day 2020

Gordana Novakovic
March 8, 2020

At Alchemy, we’re always happy to celebrate International Women’s Day. This year the theme was “An equal world is an enabled world.” The campaign asked us all how we will help forge a gender equal world, celebrate women’s achievements, and take actions for equality.

As the global head of HR at Alchemy, it is my distinct pleasure to talk about how we are approaching gender equity and to proudly share some key statistics.

First, we started with several distinct early advantages

  • One of our founders is female
  • Our head of HR is female (me!)
  • Our early team was highly gender balanced even in technical functions
  • We report on these statistics quarterly to our board of directors.

People instinctively appreciate mirrors in the hiring process. “If you can see it, you can be it” is a phrase we hear all the time. Alchemy’s recruiting process makes clear that Alchemy is a welcoming environment for women because applicants can see a meaningful percentage of women at every level and in every function. This is reinforced at the board level with quarterly reporting on our gender balance. We have always cared about these statistics and our board shares this priority.

I am extremely proud of Alchemy's stats, especially for a company at the intersection of technology and science. On a global basis, women are:

  • 48% of Alchemy
  • 67% of our chemist team
  • 39% of our dev team
  • 57% of our master's degrees

In the spirit of transparency, we have shared our data annually and look forward to continuing that tradition.

#IWD2020 #EachForEqual #TheAlchemists

“Easy to understand system with tremendous flexibility and industry-specific workflows - the upside here is undeniable.”

- Coatings R&D Director

“Seeing that materials created in the system can be dynamically linked to create TDS/SDSs is a game changer.”

- Additives QC Technician

“The best experience was how detailed the live demos were. I rarely see such quality in a full rollout, much less a trial.”

-  Cosmetics IT Vice President

“Translating what was learned during the one-on-one sessions and actually doing it in Alchemy was awesome.”

-  Coatings Application Expert
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